cultivating peace  
classroom connections

The goal of the Cultivating Peace initiative is to create classroom-ready resources for schools across Canada that will assist teachers and community leaders to educate for change. The programs created through this initiative will encourage youth to respect diversity, think globally, value human rights, recognize injustice and respond to conflict with methods other than violence.

Module One: Cultivating Peace in the 21st Century
This module is designed to actively engage secondary school students in the search for a deep understanding of the forces that can bring about tragedies such as the attack on the World Trade Center, and the means by which they can personally contribute to the ongoing search for peaceful coexistence. It provides teachers and administrators with concrete mechanisms for integrating peace education into the curriculum and the school environment. Click here to view the materials available.

Module Two: Cultivating Peace — Taking Action
This resource encourages students to examine their own beliefs regarding the need for change in our world and their personal responsibility in taking action. The preconditions necessary for a culture of peace are explored through the examination of global issues in sustainable development, economic disparity, fair trade, human rights and consumerism. Students are given opportunities to explore the range of actions possible, the ways in which change occurs, the barriers to participation and the factors that support youth involvement. The resource includes a teacher’s guide, a video, a poster series and a student guide to action. It is designed for use in grades 10–12.

Taking Action - Additional Resources
Access additional activities and reference materials for the Taking Action resource.